Christian Life Coach

Are you living an abundant life?

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

As your Christian life coach, I will partner with you to discover how you can experience God’s abundance within yourself, your family, at work, in your relationship with God, and your place in His world.

What Are You Seeking?

I established Trinity Choice to encourage and assist people in growing and to understand the truth of who they are and why they were created.

As a Christian Life Coach, my specialty areas of focus are in helping people with their Personal Growth and Relationships.

Discovering Your Life Purpose

Could there be more to this life? Could your life make a difference in the world?

Identify and Pursue Your Life's Dreams

What 'hole' are you trying to fill and why? Is what you have chosen a fit?

Pursuing Healthy Relationships

Do you seek improved relationships at home or work?

Grow Your Relationship with God

Do you have questions about God? Do you know the plans He has for your life?

Gain Deeper Insight, Grow in Your Faith, Accept the Peace of Christ

I help my clients to understand the following:

  • You were created by God for a reason – because He loves you and wants a relationship with you through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • You are unique and valuable in God’s world.
  • God has a designed purpose for your life.


What is the foundation of joy?



Are you experiencing peace in every aspect of your life?



What does fulfillment mean to you?

The Abundant Life

About me

"I can help you create healthy habits and lasting change."

Yancey is a Christian Life Coach trained through The Institute for Life Coach Training, an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACPT), and is a certified Made To Change The World coach.

She has authored and led countless Bible studies for almost two decades, as well as published various guides and devotionals as a result of her deep passion for the Word of God.

"I am here to serve you.”
Yancey Snavely

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What People are Saying about Yancey Snavely

Yancey is an insightful coach who is filled with God's grace! She excelled in helping me to identify problems in my relationships and gave me practical tools to solve them. Yancey is a fantastic listener and gave me the necessary space to express my thoughts. She encouraged me in our sessions with scripture to help me gain clarity and direction. I would highly recommend Yancey to anyone who is in need of a Life Coach!
Victoria R.
Centennial, Colorado
Yancey is a class act. She has faced trials in her life that have refined her and made her an ideal candidate to help others through their own refinement process. She is a skilled life coach, capable of helping her clients achieve success. Not only will her clients get quality Christian coaching, but Yancey is a prayer warrior. Her clients can feel secure knowing that as they work to achieve their goals, Yancey will be praying for God to help them. As Yancey's client, you will not be going it alone because she will be your enthusiastic cheerleader and God will be beside you. You will be victorious in whatever you set out to do if Yancey is your coach.
Kathy Swigle, M.A., BCC, ACC
Certified Gallup Strengths Finder Coach, Christian Coaching Specialist, Made to Change the World Coach, Follower of Jesus
Yancey is without question the best coach I have ever had. She takes her time to truly listen and affirm free of judgment or criticism. What I love the most is how attuned she is with the spirit and the way she applies what she’s sensing to what I share with her. She also always has a scripture or encouraging Bible story to share that reminds me that, no matter what I’m facing, I’m still in the center of God’s plan for my life.
Monét W
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
God has gifted Yancey with discernment and a heart to serve others that they might be all God has for them no matter the challenges of circumstances, background or personal trauma. I have personally watched her pour into people from all walks of life and see them truly become new creations, with a restored hope and confidence in who they are and all God has for them.
Jim Reese
President/CEO Atlanta Mission
I am an instructor at an ICF certified Coaching school and have had the privilege of having Yancey in two of my classes plus mentoring. I have also gotten to know her on a personal level and can honestly say she is an amazing woman of God. Yancey not only lives what she believes, she is a naturally skilled Coach. I am confident in Yancey’s ability to help others find and follow God’s true purpose so much so that I would have no hesitation in having her as my Coach. If you work with Yancey, you can be assured you will not only be working with a talented Coach but a woman led by the Spirit of God.
I am beyond grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Yancey as my life coach. I had never used a life coach before and knew it was time to make some serious changes in my day to day life. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, guilt, amongst many other things. She was patient, kind and never judged me in any way which was important to me. Once I opened up about everything and walked through each feeling and each situation she gave me the tools to adjust certain things or handle certain things differently. I took action one step at a time through her coaching and it has changed my life completely. I know a lot of us don’t seek the help we need and the patterns never change. Yancey is a blessing and my only regret is I didn’t seek her out sooner! She still reaches out to me to make sure I’m doing well which I love because she never makes you feel forgotten and I’m always reminded through that, that I still have her and she will always be there for me. The tools she has given I still continue to use every day!!!! Thank you Yancey, you are a life changer!!!!!!
Ally R.
Las Vegas, NV
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