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“I can help you create healthy habits and lasting change.”

Choose Christ's Abundant Life

Discover Your Purpose

Did you know that you were created by God deliberately and for a purpose? You have also been given specific gifts by God to be used to fulfill this purpose. Your life experience- your successes, challenges, and yes, even your failures can all be used as a part of His ultimate plan.

Pursue Your Dreams

God loves you and wants you to be excited to get out of bed every morning because He is the One through whom you find hope, peace, and direction. He wants you to pursue the dreams He has placed inside of you and experience joy through being a blessing in His world.

Improve Relationships

Do you want more out of your relationships within your family, friends, or at work? I offer a variety of relationship coaching options:

Premarital coaching

Getting married is more than just the wedding day. It is about sharing a life together. Would you like to set goals for your marriage? Would you like to prepare a framework for a healthy and balanced marriage while building a foundation of strength for potential future trials?

Marriage coaching

Are you married and seeking to learn better communication skills, conflict resolution, or to reignite the spark you once had? Do you feel unseen or unheard? Do you want to set the best example for your children of what a happy marriage looks like?

Growing through divorce coaching

“Who am I now that I am no longer married?” “What is going to happen to my children now that they are part of a ‘broken’ family?”

Are these some of the questions you are asking yourself? No one stands at the altar expecting that they will be splitting up and going their separate ways one day. But now, here you are. I understand because I have been there. Let me encourage you: there is a beautiful life for you ahead if you choose to embrace it. It is possible to navigate your way through this challenging time and find direction for your future that honors God and blesses your family.


Divorce is hard enough, but when you add step-children, ex-spouses, new step-parents for your children, it can get tricky. I’ve been there and can help you steer through this sensitive time. There can be a wonderful future ahead with these new relationships that can become some of the greatest blessings you could ever imagine.

Pursuing healthy and positive relationships at home or work

Do you seek to be more intentional in your relationships at home? Do you desire to communicate and interact with others better at work? Do you want to leave a legacy?

Grow Closer to God

Do you have questions about God? Do you want to know how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you want to understand more about how God feels about you and the plan He has for your life?

How My Process Work

Schedule a Discovery Call

My process begins with a call to learn more about you and your challenges, goal, and aspirations.

Book Your Coaching Session

After the Discovery Call, I will provide you with your various options for Christian Coaching or Mentorship.

Experience Your Growth

My goal is to assist and empower you to know God's plan for your life more fully and help you live consistently with that plan.

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
JOhn 10:10

Are You Living an Abundant Life?

What is the definition of an abundant life? I define an abundant life as experiencing joy, peace, and fulfillment, not based on our circumstances, but from what we gain through loving and serving others while growing in our relationship with Christ. As your Christian coach and mentor, I will partner with you to discover how you can experience this abundance with God as a foundation throughout all the areas of your life.



Home, Work, Premarital, Marriage, Divorce, Step-Families/ Blended Families.


Personal Growth

Life Purpose, Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy.



Grow closer to God and learn to live by His Word.

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